ASRY Lowers Retrofit Record to 29 Days

Posted by SRS

ASRY has managed to improve upon its own record to complete a retrofit of a SOx Scrubber Retrofit system within 29 days. This new record is one of the fastest turnarounds of the project in the region and it also involved a simultaneous BWTS retrofit on the aframax vessel as well as silicone repairs, making the achievement even more noteworthy. Scrubber retrofits projects are currently dominating maritime repair schedules due to recently implemented IMO regulations forcing vessel owners to reduce airborne emission levels.

The customer, prestigious Greek-based vessel managers TMS Tankers, commented that “the readiness of the prefabrication was key to the projects quick turnaround. We have now chosen ASRY for several scrubber retrofits and there has been a significant improvement in redelivery times.”

ASRY General Manager Commercial & Business Development Ahmed Aljanaid added, “the ‘lessons learned’ process on retrofits has seen major efficiencies being gained from one project to the next at the yard, with future projects set to benefit throughout 2020, during which we have over a dozen more retrofit projects are planned.”