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At FAYARD we want our clients to leave the facilities with the highest quality of work done on their asset.

Our easily accessible and efficiently organised area includes 4 dry docks, 6 cranes, 3 construction & assembly halls, modern disposal facilities and on-site workshops.

In 2011, we invested in 3 modern dock gates and an upgrade of the pumping systems for the docks with dock-pits to increase the docking effiency. Due to these upgrades we can start working on your vessel only 3-4 hours after your arrival. The docks gates in 3 of our docks open or close in just 4 minutes.

For offshore platforms and semi-subs, we have the required berth facilities. These may be used for the type of work that does not require dry docking.

We are fully committed to conducting our activities in an environmentally responsible manner.
In our attempt to run a yard that is as environmentally friendly as possible we have invested in two state-of-the-art waste water treatment facilities with connections in the dock, for e.g. tank washing water. One set of tanks is connected to 3 of our docks and the other is connected to the large Dock 3.

Drydock 1
303m x 45m
Drydock 2
279m x 44m
Drydock 3
315/415m x 90m
Drydock 4
145m x 30m
Repair Berth Facilities
FAYARD, Denmark

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