HRDD is making great efforts to establish epidemic prevention network

Posted by SRS

HRDD has strictly implemented the instruction of Shanghai municipal government, Chongming local government and shareholders on the united prevention and control of the epidemic situation of novel coronavirus pneumonia, taking epidemic prevention and control as the most important task at present.

The Yard will spare no effort to build an epidemic prevention and control network, fully implement prevention and control measures, resolutely contain the spread of the epidemic, and make a strong effort to prevent and control the epidemic.

With the Managing Director Huang Haihua as the team leader, the Party Committee Secretary Xu Weiguo and the Financial Director Zhou Jian as deputy team leaders of the epidemic prevention and control leadership and working teams, two special meetings were held on January 23 and 25 to study prevention and control plans, issuing the “An Urgent Notice on Prevention and Control of the Epidemic of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia”.

The Security Department has strengthened the management of the gate guards, strictly controlled the entry of vehicles and personnel from outside and measured the temperature of all employees. The people whose temperature exceed 37.5 °C will be reported immediately.

Focusing on strengthening the management and control of personnel’s entry to living quarters and yard area, immediate sealed management will be implemented if the outbreak of the epidemic is detected. The Maintenance Department would disinfect the dormitory buildings, canteens, toilets and other public places in the living quarters twice a day. If the epidemic situation is worse, yard will increase the disinfection frequency.

The head of every team and department have strengthened predicting and counting and reporting personnel information. Daily reporting system are strictly implemented, focusing on the employees who celebrate the spring festival in Wuhan and counties around Hubei that have been affected by the epidemic, including employees whose relatives and friends from Hubei and its surrounding districts and counties traveling to Shanghai for Chinese New Year, and employees who stay in Hubei for the spring festival holiday. For shipowners, surveyors, service engineers and other groups, the company have timely sent the “Notice for Epidemic Situation” and provided necessary services to them.

Since the prevention and control work for the epidemic was launched, the company has trained employees on the prevention and control of coronavirus and carried out publicity through multiple channels such as WeChat groups and banners, etc. It has issued the “Safety Notice for Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia” to remind employees to strengthen self-prevention awareness and precautionary measures. In addition, the company has also increased the materials storage, purchased masks and infrared thermometers for daily uses of all the employees and their temperature measurement. Special recycling points for used masks were placed in designated areas to avoid secondary pollution. All buildings, canteens, and dormitories were thoroughly disinfected.

On January 30, the company has decided to use Building 7 of the living quarters as a centralized quarantine observation point for employees and laborers from other provinces and cities returning to Shanghai who do not have the conditions for home quarantine observation, and made specific arrangements for their lives and other aspects.

On January 31, the managing director of the company, Huang Haihua, once again chaired a special meeting on the prevention and control of the epidemic. The meeting made a thorough and detailed division of work for the prevention and control of the epidemic, further clarified the various prevention and control measures and the function division of every department, and strictly required the whole company to unite together and implement the request of the Central government, Shanghai municipal government and Chongming local government. HRDD is determined to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, ensuring the safety of the whole area of the company.